DAY 8 on the Ideal Protein Diet

Today is the big day Albuquerque!  After 7 days on the Ideal Protein diet I’m weighing in.  Here are the results:  START: 164.4 Pounds and 34 inches at the navel.  NOW after 7 DAYS:  158.0 Pounds and 32 inches at the navel.  My goal is to lose 10 pounds in 10 days and I’m not doing too badly  6.4 pounds and 2 inches in the waist in just 7 days!

Beautiful results on DAY 8 with the Ideal Protein Plain Crepe Mix

Breakfast once more the Plain Crepe.  I added an egg white and some cinnamon resulting in a fluffier pancake (this is not 100% compliant with the program.)   It is absolutely essential to use a nonstick pan when cooking the pancakes and omelets on this program.  I purchased a set at Costco with 3 sizes of nonstick skillets for about $25.  These are now my absolute favorite cooking utensils and I get great results each and very time!  My energy feels great and no sluggishness this morning.  I’m not having any cravings.  I was getting tired of eating veggies for a couple of days but am over that now. Lunch today: Salad with grilled chicken breast at Jason’s Deli.  Dinner was more left over vegetable soup with an Ideal Protein Soy Patty tossed in.

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