Can you work out while on the Ideal Protein Diet?

People want to know if they can exercise on the Ideal Protein Diet.  We encourage exercise on the program as long as it is kept at relatively lower levels of intensity.

On Phase 1 of the program we are stabilizing the blood sugar with the diet.  For this reason carbohydrates are limited and it is important to keep exercise activity in the fat burning range.  Good examples of this would be walking, easy bike riding, pilates, yoga or any of the barre based body sculpting classes.  Just about anything where you can still carry on a conversation without getting out of breath.  This would include just about any activity in the mid to low areobic zone.  High Intensity Interval training is not appropriate on this diet as your body will not have the necessary sugars on board to support that level of training.

For training with weights we reccoment to reduce the poundage and increase the reps.  Make your workouts with weights gearded to tone and shape the muscle rather than breaking it down to make it grow larger.

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